Project Background

The Village is extending safe, reliable municipal drinking water in response to a decades long issue with fecal bacteria contamination of private wells

Construction Update – 9/09/21


Onsite Construction Representative: Isak Fruchtman (Strand), 414.982.2300 x1535

Overall Project Manager: Ben Wood, P.E., (Strand), 414.271.0771

Public Water Main and Well Construction Update

  • Main Street will be closed to Westbound traffic through approximately September 20, 2021.
  • Town Line Road will be closed to Northbound traffic through approximately September 20, 2021 and then closed to all thru traffic through approximately October 22, 2021.
  • Restoration in Work Zone C, W. Main Street from Townline Road to Flagstone Pass will be completed by 9/11.
  • Work through the Lannon Elementary School Easement was completed.
  • Water main on Lannon Rd. (Work Zone I) from Lannon Elementary to Forestview was completed. However, the remaining water main to Diamond Drive and public water service laterals are not planned to be installed until October. Restoration of the trenched area will take place the week of 9/13.
  • Restoration in Work Zone G, through the roundabout, is in progress and will be completed .
  • See the chart below for the anticipated schedule for other work areas.

Private Property Work Construction Update

  • Mid City will contact property owners after the water main has been installed to schedule completion of the private property work.
  • Your plumbing agreement will be cancelled if you do not provide access to Mid-City to complete the scope of work. Refer to the Private Residential/Commercial Property Connection to Municipal Water Supply Agreement, available for viewing under the “Private Property Information” sidebar of this webpage. Section IV. ACCESS TO THE PROPERTY, addresses access as follows:
    • “The OWNER acknowledges that the CONTRACTOR will require access to the PROPERTY to complete the private plumbing work. Access inside the building at the point where the proposed service pipe will enter into the building will be required. The CONTRACTOR will provide the OWNER with a 48-hour advance notice of the work. It is the responsibility of the OWNER to provide access to the CONTRACTOR on the date and time scheduled and to remain present during the scheduled work. Work will normally be done Monday to Friday between 7 A.M. and 5 P.M. If the OWNER fails to provide access to the inside of the building, this AGREEMENT shall be cancelled, and the OWNER will be responsible for connecting to the municipal water system within six months from the time that a water main is installed adjacent to the PROPERTY. If the AGREEMENT is cancelled, the OWNER will be responsible for all associated plumbing costs (approximately $7,000 to $10,000) and will not be eligible for grant monies covering the private property costs. Further, this AGREEMENT shall be automatically cancelled if ownership of the PROPERTY has changed since the execution of this AGREEMENT, in which case a new AGREEMENT must be executed by the new OWNER. Inclement weather may require the CONTRACTOR to reschedule a new and mutually agreed upon date and time.”
  • Denying access includes actions such as not returning the Contractor’s attempt to reach you via phone, email, personal visits, or mail.
  • The Waukesha County Community Foundation’s Village of Lannon Quarry Fund (WCCF Quarry Fund) will not pay for additional costs incurred due to a property owner denying Contractor access. Extra costs will include extra mobilizations, overtime pay, etc.
  • You no longer need to provide a $920, out of pocket cost-share for well abandonment. The WCCF Quarry Fund has approved funding the full cost of private well abandonments, up to $1,840 per well.
    • Mid City is already contracted to complete this work for residences.
    • If you have already received a grant from the DNR for this work, those funds must be expended first.
  • The Village Board has placed a temporary moratorium on the mandatory well abandonment aspect of the Village Ordinances. The Board will consider an ordinance revision that may allow private wells to be kept for outdoor use, but not for drinking water.
  • Should you decide to keep your well, you will be responsible for costs associated with:
    • Paying the additional plumbing and building permit costs associated with separating pipes in the structure so that the private well only supplies exterior fixtures for outdoor use.
    • Hiring a Well Contractor to certify the well’s condition.
    • Obtaining a well operating permit from the Village and complying with all requirements.
    • Abandoning the well in the future if the well no longer produces safe water.
    • The well will no longer be covered under the quarries’ well guarantee.
  • The WCCF Quarry Fund has approved to fund commercial property private plumbing costs at the following levels.
    • Up to $11,890 per property if the well is abandoned.
    • Up to $10,050 if the well is not abandoned.
  • For folks on existing water main, contact the Village Clerk regarding a 5-year payment plan option if you cannot pay your $7,692 impact fee in full at the time of connection.
Work AreaProject LocationAnticipated Start Date
(Subject to Change)
AGood Hope Road from W. Main Street to Lannon Road (Good Hope Road Closed to Thru Traffic; Follow Posted Detour)Complete
BLannon Road from W. Main Street to the north (Lannon Road Closed to Thru Traffic; Follow Posted Detour)October 26, 2021
CW. Main Street from Townline Road to Flagstone Pass (W. Main Street Closed to Southbound Traffic; Follow Posted Detour)Complete
DGood Hope Road from Lannon Road to east of Emerald Drive (Good Hope Road Open to Thru Traffic; Traffic Pattern Shift)October 4, 2021
EDiamond Drive from Good Hope Road to the south (Diamond Drive Closed to Thru Traffic)October 4, 2021
FW. Edgewood Drive and Circle Drive (W. Edgewood Drive and Circle Drive Closed to Thru Traffic)October 4, 2021
GW. Main Street and Townline Road Roundabout (W. Main Street Closed to Southbound Traffic and Townline Road Closed to Northbound Traffic; Follow Posted Detour)In Progress
HState Street, Hemlock Lane, Bay Street, N. Lake Street, and Vine Street (Roads Closed to Thru Traffic)October 12, 2021
ILannon Road from Elementary School to Diamond Drive (Lannon Road Open to Thru Traffic; Temporary One Lane Closure)Water Main Completed to Forestview Drive Remaining water main and Public Services] October 22, 2021
JParkview Drive and Forestview Drive (Parkview Drive and Forestview Drive Closed to Thru Traffic)October 22, 2021
KGood Hope Private Driveway (West of Lannon Elementary) (Good Hope Private Driveway Closed to Thru Traffic)Complete
LTownline Road from W. Main Street to the north (Townline Road Closed to Thru Traffic; Follow Posted Detour)September 27, 2021
MF and W Court (F and W Court Closed to Thru Traffic)November 22, 2021
Water Service Expansion Work Zones

What is Public vs. Private?



Patrick Yates, Trustee
Official Village Representative for Water System Expansion Project

Ben Wood
Village Engineer

Questions During Construction
Isak Fruchtman
Strand Associates, Inc.
Onsite Engineer During Construction
414.982.2300 x1535

Urgent Construction Matters
Joel Fielding
Vinton Construction Company

Private Property Plumbing
Mid City Corporation


Water main and services within the public right of way.

Existing Public Water Mains

These are primarily on Main Street and the Village has been paying the debt since 2008. Properties with an existing main must pay a water impact fee at the time of connection. (~ $7500-$7700)

New Water Main 

These will be installed in 2021 and will be paid by a special assessment. This $15,000 Special Assessment will be applied to the tax bill that you will receive in November 2021 and payments will be spread out over 20 years. The interest rate is 2.25% and the annual payment is $940 per year.


Private property work is being completed by the Village’s contractor, Mid-City Corp, and is being paid for directly by Waukesha County and the Waukesha County Community Foundation. Properties must connect within the six months after the water main is installed in the street in front of the property.

Well abandonment costs will be paid as follows: 50% paid by the Waukesha Community Foundations and 50% paid for by the property owner.

Past Meeting Minutes & Information

Meeting DateMeeting TypeNotice TypeWater System TopicsAttachments
October  2018Mailer SentPost Card–Villagewide
zip code mailing
  • E. coli outbreak public information meeting notice
  • Post Card
October 8, 2018Public Information
Post Card–Village
zip code mailing
  • E. coli outbreak information and resources
October 8, 2018Village BoardStandard
  • Public Health Emergency Declaration
  • Direct Engineer to Initiate Study
April 8, 2019Village BoardStandard
  • Engineer Report on USDA Financial
    Assistance Availability
April 25, 2019Village BoardStandard
  • Hamilton School District Water Main Easement
  • Minutes
May 13, 2019Village BoardStandard
  • Presentation of Availability of Water System
    Financing and Technical and Procedural
    Challenges related to Water System Expansion
May 30, 2019Village BoardStandard
  • Consider Cooperative Plan with Lisbon including
    Study of Joint Water System & Review of Proposal
    for Public Information Consultant
July 29, 2019Mailer SentMailing – Villagewide
Zip Code
  • Brochure – Water System Expansion Update
August 14, 2019Public Information
Mailing – Villagewide
Zip Code
  • Comprehensive water system expansion
  • Cost to Property Owner
  • USDA Financial Partnership
  • Waukesha County Community Development
    Block Grant (CDBG) financial partnerships
  • Quarry partnerships
  • Schedule
September 9, 2019Village BoardStandard
  • Water System Study Presentation
  • Well Siting Study Engineering Contract
  • USDA-RD Preliminary Report
    Engineering Contract
  • Water Main Impact Fee Ordinance
  • Village Capital Borrowing Needs
October 14, 2019Village BoardStandard
  • Engineering Report on Water System
    Agency Communication and Project
    and Schedule Impacts
  • Engineering Contract for Water System
    Expansion Program Management
  • Geotechnical Engineering Contract for
    Water System Expansion
  • Engineering Contract for Water Main
    Survey and Design
  • Sewer Televising Proposals to televise infrastructure
    adjacent to Planned Water Mains
October 14, 2019Website PostingWebsite Posting
  • QA from August PIM Posted to Village Website
December 9, 2019Village Board Public
Standard, Newspaper
  • Public Hearing for USDA Rural Development for
    financial assistance
  • Engineer’s Presentation of Preliminary Engineering
    Report Findings and anticipated financial impact to
December 18, 2019Lisbon Public
  • Public Hearing for possible cooperative agreement
    between Lisbon and Lannon including the need to
    study a potential joint water system
February 2, 2020Waukesha County
CDBG Board Meeting
  • Presentation by Engineer of February 5,
    2020 Application for Private Property Plumbing
March 9, 2020Village BoardStandard
  • Presentation by Village Engineer regarding
    PSCW’s financial outreach, water system
    expansion, and financial update
March 26, 2020Village BoardStandard
  • Presentation by Village Engineer and Blight
    Determination related to Waukesha County CDBG
  • Preliminary resolution to start the special assessment
    process for the water system expansion project
April 15, 2020USDA-RD ApprovalsStandard
  • Letter of Conditions
  • Final Preliminary Engineering Report
May 28, 2020Plan CommissionStandard
  • Consideration of Quarry Agreements that would
    in part create the Waukesha County Community
    Foundation’s Village of Lannon Quarry Fund
  • Minutes
June 25, 2020Joint Plan Commission
and Village Board,
Public Hearing
Standard Plus Mailing
to adjacent properties
  • Public Hearing related to quarry agreements
    that will affect the water system expansion
  • Action related to quarry agreements
  • Lannon Stone
  • Halquist Stone
  • Engineer’s Comments
  • Minutes
July 2, 2020Village BoardStandard
  • Resolution to authorize issuance of sale of water
    revenue bonds for USDA-RD interim financing
July 13, 2020Village BoardStandard
  • Presented by Village Engineer on Water System
    Expansion Update
  • Intergovernmental agreement between
    Waukesha County and Village for CDBG grant
  • Consideration of compulsory water main
    connection ordinance revision
August 10, 2020Village BoardStandard
  • Presentation by Village Engineer of water system
    expansion update, including funding and anticipated
    impacts to Lannon Estates manufactured housing
  • Water Emergency Response Plan
September 14, 2020Village BoardStandard
  • Approved compulsory (mandatory) connection
  • Approved well abandonment ordinance
September 24, 2020Village Board and
Public Works
  • Award Construction Contract 2033 for the Private
    Property Work
October 1, 2020Mailer SentMailing – Villagewide
Zip Code
  • Brochure that Generally Explains the Entire Project
    and Indicates Individual Letters are Forthcoming
October 12, 2020Village BoardStandard
  • Set a Public Hearing Date
October 23, 2020Mailer SentMailing – Villagewide
Zip Code and Each
Property Owner
Mailing Address
Outside of Zip Code
  • Individual Property Owner Letters
November 5, 2020Public HearingStandard, Mailing to
Each Property to be
Special Assessed,
Mailing to Each Impact
Fee Property that Already
has Water Main but is
Not Connected
  • Special Assessment Public Hearing Impact Fee Public
November 9, 2020Village BoardStandard
  • Relocation Order that Begins Eminent
    Domain of the Lannon Estates Well
  • Approval of the Impact Fee Study and
  • Approval of the Special Assessment
    Final Resolution
November 18, 2020Village BoardStandard
  • Relocation Order related to Lannon Estates
    Well Facility
  • Authorize a Full Narrative Appraisal of the
    Lannon Estates Well Facility
December 4, 2020Website PostingWebsite Posting
  • FAQ in Response to Concerned Citizen Meeting
December 14, 2020Village BoardStandard
  • Water Utility Operating Budget and Projected
    Cash Flow
  • Certified Survey Map of the Lannon Estates
    Well Facility
  • Update on Well Abandonment Grant
  • Advisory Opinion by Village Attorney related
    to Property Owner Agreements