If you have a development concept that you are interested in discussing with Village officials, start by contacting either the Village Clerk or the Village Engineer. Once you feel comfortable with your concept, the first step in the approval process is a Conceptual Plan Review at the Plan Commission level. Contact the Village Clerk for an application. This first review has a low fee and allows the Plan Commission to generally review and discuss your plan. This is a non-action agenda item and provides the applicant helpful feedback from Village officials. The Plan Commission meets the last Thursday of each month and the application must be submitted 3 weeks before the meeting.

Residential Development: As southeastern Wisconsin continues to recover from the economic recession, the Village of Lannon expects to see increased development activity within the Village. The Village’s small-town residential character and location within a strong school district contribute to its appeal to new residents. Village officials have maintained an emphasis on single family neighborhoods with an open mind toward multifamily development in certain situations. Review the 2017 Comprehensive Land Use Plan to learn more about anticipated development.

Commercial and Industrial Development: The Village of Lannon is interested in new commercial development that will provide amenities to the growing number of residents. Redevelopment opportunities exist for both commercial and industrial properties. Review the 2017 Development Analysis Report for more information on these opportunities.

Development Advantages

Quality School Districts

Low Mil rate/Tax Rate

Attractive Community Features

Menomonee Park is filled with a historical background from the stone quarrying period of 1880-1900. Historical remnants include an old stone crusher and the railroad spur from the quarry to the Bugline. The Park totals 464 acres of rolling field, high quality maple woods, cattail marsh, wetlands, and a 16 acre quarry lake. During your travels through the miles of trails, you may spot a warbler, thrushes or other songbirds. The rolling hills provide challenges to hikers, cross-country skiers and those on snowshoes. Enjoy a bike ride along the historical Bugline Recreational Trail that was once the railroad that served Stone City. The 12 mile crushed limestone trail is a treasure for hikers, bikers and runners. A separated portion of the trail is set aside for equestrian use.

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Joeck’s Park is located off north Lannon Road. In the park, Schneider Field is home to the Lannon Stonemen. Lannon has a long, successful history in the Land O Lake leagues and has been recognized as the “Amateur Baseball Capital of Waukesha County.” With recent improvements to its baseball complex, Joeck’s Park continues to support the strong local baseball tradition.

The Bugline bike trail owes its existence to the quarries near Lannon. Trains once hauled famed Lannon Stone from the deep limestone pits which still operate today. A look down into the quarries from the trail is an impressive sight.

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Municipal Sewer and Water

In 1997, the Village completed Village-wide implementation of a sanitary sewer system.

​In 2008, The Village retained ownership of the municipal well, reservoir, and booster station. To date, Lannon has made connections to the water system as voluntary with one exception: if an existing private well fails and Village water main is available at the public right-of-way, then the property owner must connect to the water system instead of repairing the well.

Community Profile

Examples of Recent Development

Whispering Ridge Estates

Whispering Ridge Estates is a single family home development in the southewest portion of the Village of Lannon. This was originally supposed to be phase II of the Whispering Ridge Condo development that began construction in 2007. However, when the housing market crashed around that same time, phase II of the condo development sat vacant for over 8 years. Not unlike other municipalities, the Village found itself with a bankrupted field of weeds. Complaints about the eyesore came in from Whispering Condo residents and other Village residents alike. A development group, Whispering Ridge Estates, LLC., approached the Village in 2015 about their concept to convert phase II from condos to single family homes. By working proficiently Village staff, the Village Attorney, the Village Engineer, and the developer’s representatives held all necessary approvals and public hearings such that the developer was able to break ground within 6 months of its initial presentation to the Plan Commission. The development has been a great success for the Village and for the developer, having reached 90% build-out in approximately 2 years.

Whispering Ridge Condos

The first phase of the Whispering Ridge Condos never did quite reach full buildout before the housing crash in the late 2000s. In 2017, Berg Development approached the Village about filling out the remaining 14 condo pads in phase I. The Village encouraged the developer to meet with the Condo Association and bring his concept to the Village’s Plan Commission to verify that all parties were on board. The remaining condo pads sold faster than planned and the developer is seeking other opportunities in the Village.

Other Information

Tax Incremental Financing (TIF)

The Village of Lannon is currently under contract with Ehlers, Inc. to create two Tax Increment Districts (TID) within the Village. These TID Plans are currently in progress. If you have a development opportunity that you would like the Village to consider incorporating into a TID, please contact the Village Clerk.

Water Impact Fees

Water Impact Fees pay a proportionate share of the following:

  • Zone 1: Upsizing of transmission mains, second water source, and storage. This is included in all impact fees in the Village.

  • Zone 2: Local water main that brings the water past the property frontage.

  • Zone 3: Local water main that brings the water to the neighborhood. Local water mains required to get past the frontage of future development will need to be installed by the developer.

Water Imapct Fee Area 2018

Note: Water Impact Fees are charged per Residential Equivalent Connection (REC). A single family home is 1 REC, a duplex is 2 RECs, and a multifamily building is charged as 1 REC per dwelling unit unless otherwise written in a Planned Unit Development agreement. The number of RECs for non-residential properties is determined by the calculation presented in section 63-6 of the Village code of ordinances.

Sewer Connection Fees

Sewer Connection Fees are the same throughout the Village and are generally charged per structure (not per residential equivalent). For example, a single family home and a duplex is charged 1 connection fee per structure. The sewer connection fee is approximately $6,000. Please contact the Village Clerk for the exact rate.

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