Private Property Work Construction Update – 1/14/21 – 1/30/21

  • 155 of 168 residential property owner agreements have been turned in to date. Thank you to all who have turned in your agreement. Note that if you do not provide access to the Contractor, you will become liable for additional costs related to the delays (extra mobilizations, overtime pay, etc).
  • Private service lateral installation is proceeding throughout the Village, including Lake, Vine, Forestview, Parkview, Good Hope Road, and Main Street.
  • Basement “Pre-Piping” is taking place in the same areas. Once the pre-piping is complete, the water meters will be installed when the water main is ready.
  • 4 properties have been converted to municipal water since December 2020.
  • The Village Board voted to approve the first application for payment by the Contractor ($63,840), which has been forwarded to Waukesha County CDBG for processing and payment.
  • Note, for folks on existing water main, contact the Village regarding a 5-year payment plan option if you cannot pay your $7,692 impact fee in full at the time of connection.

Private Property Work Construction Update – 12/17/20 – 12/31/20

  • Final Notice of agreements for the County to cover the cost of your private plumbing work were sent by certified mail on 12/10/2020. Final deadline is December 18, 2020. If you have outstanding questions, please contact Mid City or the Village Engineer immediately. Many answers to the questions appearing on social media are answered on this webpage.  If you do not return the agreement, you are acknowledging that you will hire your own contractor and pay them at your own cost to complete the work without assistance of County grants.
  • Private service laterals are being installed in the areas of Lake, State, and Vine Streets.
  • Mid City is off on December 24th and 25th as well as December 31st and January 1st.

Public Water Main and Well Construction Update

  • USDA-RD is preparing “closing instructions” so that the Village can advertise the project for bids.
  • Water main bids will be advertised in February.
  • Well acquisition is in progress.


  1. Well estimate forms are at Village Hall and on the Village’s website.
  2. Well Abandonment Grant applications are due approximately 1 month prior to the start of well abandonment work on your property.
    • Applications are not due by December 10th as indicated in the letter sent to residents impacted by the project.
    • DNR indicated they need to be submitted before the work is done.
    • Mid-City and CTW do not plan to start well abandonments until March.
    • Please apply by the end of February 2021.
  3. If your taxable income will be less in 2020 than it was in 2019, it is to your advantage to wait until January to submit your well abandonment grant form. Well Abandonment Grant eligibility is based on the income of the most recent full year’s taxable income. Contact Sandy Chancellor at DNR for special circumstances such as  a recent change in employment: (608) 275-3206.