As part of the American Rescue Plan Act, the Village of Lannon has received $128,000. The Village Board appointed a 7 person committee to conduct a community needs assessment and to determine how best to allocate and distribute the funds.  This committee consists of 3 Village Board members, 2 resident representatives and 2 business representatives. Some of the funding has been used already to upgrade the Village’s technology initiatives with things like videoconferencing tools to make meetings more accessible to the public, Opt-in SMS and Email notifications, and security cameras at Village Hall.

The committee also felt that it was very important to get the bulk of these funds out into the community to assist residents and businesses that were affected adversely by the COVID – 19 pandemic. It was decided that the Village would use a grant application process to distribute these funds to those that applied. Below you will find links to the applications, please follow the application instructions carefully so you do not disqualify yourself.

The application period will only be open from June 1st until June 30th.

If you have questions about the applications, please contact Lannon ARPA Committee member, Bill Rudolph 414.651.0094.